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4 JULY AT 4.00 PM



The workshop is designed for all levels. The aim of the workshop is to try to get out of one's comfort zone and approach a complex element such as that of the vertical. If you already have some experience in this element, the proposed exercises will serve to strengthen your practice.
The first theoretical part includes basic elements of biomechanics and mental coaching for the visualization of the final goal.
In the second, the element will be separated into simpler exercises, after activating all the fundamental articular joints.
The last part of the workshop will be used to train the complete gesture with the use of facilitating tools and the direct assistance of the trainer.
In each phase of the workshop we will make use of the use of mattresses to always have passive assistance, in addition to the active one of the instructor, able to make anyone perform the exercises in complete safety.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Teacher: Maurizio Iobbi

Maximum number of participants: 12

Minimum number of participants to start the workshop: 3

To register, you must submit the completed and signed registration form and the total amount of the Workshop.


For non-members, the registration forms must also be delivered  ( compulsory annual membership € 5 ) and a medical certificate of good health.

Registrations are made every day at the sports center, or via email by writing to the address  and paying the fee by bank transfer to the following current account.

Headed to:  Zero-Gravity SSD
IBAN:  IT98Z0306909606100000018904
Causal:  First name  Surname and type / day of the workshop

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