These basic acrobatics courses address to those who are already practicing this discipline and to newcomers alike. Lessons will follow a regular acrobatics training structure (warm – up, mobility, essential floor positions, handstands and lineups, rolls and overturns, basic trampoline patterns, introduction to simple acrobatic trampoline moves).


Workshop: Acrogym intermediate/advanced


  • Sunday, March 3rd 2019
  • 3 pm – 5 pm


  • 20-minute warm – up, mobility, stretching
  • 20-minute floor acrobatics, inward exercises (handsprings and front tucks)
  • 20-minute floor acrobatics, backward exercises (back handsprings and back tucks)
  • 30-minute handstand – preparatory patterns, body set squares, static force figures and handstands both static and in combos.
  • 30-minute launches, catches and dynamic combination exercises.


  • Maurizio Iobbi

Registration fee

  • 35 € per workshop
  • Compulsory membership: 5 € 


Available places: 8


  • Silvia De Donato
  • Andrea Vergani
  • Maurizio Iobbi


You must fill and sign your registration form as well as hand in the overall workshop sum. As to non – members, membership forms and medical certificates must be handed in, too.

You can fill your registration form every day (10 am – 11 pm) at the Zero – Gravity sports center in Via Valvassori Peroni 48, or you can write an e-mail to and pay by bank transfer at the following current account:

Account holder: Zero-Gravity S.S.D.
Current account: IT98Z0306909606100000018904
Reason: Name Surname type/ Workshop’s day

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