Pole dance is a sports discipline that unifies dance, gymnastics and acrobatics in order to execute choreographic figures with the help of a pole. The course helps develop remarkable abilities in terms of force, coordination, agility, flexibility and resistance. It stands out from other courses because of its most feminine, efficient and fun struggle against gravity.


Pole dance: annual once – weekly course timetable

  • Monday 06:00 pm (15-17 years old)
  • Monday 07:00 pm intermediate
  • Monday 20:00 beginners
  • Wednesday 19:00 beginners
  • Wednesday 20:00 intermediate

Lessons last 55 minutes
The course is once – weekly (from September 30th 2019 to May 31st 2020).

Pole dance: summer course timetable

  • Wednesday 08:00 pm

Lessons last 55 minutes.
The course is once – weekly (from June 12th 2019 to July 31st 2019)

Registration fee

  • Annual once – weekly course: 500 €
  • Summer once – weekly course: 140 €
  • Compulsory membership:: 5 €

The registration fee includes a weekly lesson and an annual pass to the pole dance area that allows members to train freely on Fridays from 07:00 pm to 10 pm.


  • From September 30th 2019 to May 31st 2020: ANNUAL COURSE
  • From June 14th 2019 to August 2nd 2019: SUMMER COURSE


You must fill, sign and hand in your registration form as well as your registration fee. As to non –members, membership forms and medical certificates are also to be handed in.

Open days September 23rd to 26th 2019.

During the Open days you can get a free trial lesson by sending an email to [email protected] pointing out your name, surname, the course you are interested in, day and hours.

To take part, you must fill the waiver (DOWNLOAD HERE) and hand it in signed.(As to minors, parents are to sign it)

 COMPULSORY ANTI – SLIP SOCKS (anyone devoid of it, can purchase a pair of anti – slip socks at the cost of 2€ at our check – out)


Beatrice Sambruna

Private lessons

As an alternative to annual courses, it is also possible to purchase private individual lessons at the cost of 40€ each. You can also purchase a package including 11 private lessons at 400€: day and hours must be organized directly with the instructors. The over – mentioned price is referred to one person only. For each additional person an extra 15 € per hour will be added to the overall cost.

Information and contact person:

Tel: +39 02 22179500
Email: [email protected]

Registration bank info:

Header: Zero-Gravity S.S.D.
Current Account number (IBAN) IT98Z0306909606100000018904
Reason: Name Surname and type/ Course hours

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