Under 18

These freestyle workshops, organized by Zero Gravity, are dedicated to youngsters between 7 and 18 years old. This very workshop reaches out to young freestyle skiers/snowboarders, wakeboarders and ski mountaineers. Young trainees will be divided in several groups according to their level, age and previously acquired capabilities.

These high-pace workshops aim to give young passionate athletes the possibility to learn and enhance specific training techniques using trampolines.
The trainees will be able to learn the discipline’s technical skills but also, they will train in order to improve the complex physical skills that such disciplines originally require.
Safety and physical preparation have a pivotal role in order to prevent injuries and risks that are intrinsic in such disciplines.


  • Sunday, May 12th 2019
  • Sunday, May 26th 2019


11:00 am – 13:30 am

  • Warm-up and mobility
  • Coordination and pace exercises
  • Reaction and speed
  • Self – perception and balance exercises
  • Elastic trampolines: on-longitudinal-axis rotations (180-360-540) both with and without grabs
  • Elastic trampolines: foam-pit use and safety rules

Small interval 

  • Restart
  • Floor overturns and rolls
  • Discharge and falling abilities (parkour techniques)
  • Elastic trampolines: longitudinal-axis rotations on board in order to improve grabs and visual reference points.
  • Elastic trampolines: basic and advanced flips
  • Mobility and cool-down

Lunch break 13:30 pm – 14:30 pm

14:30 pm – 17:30 pm

  • Theory and tests (in terms of technique and on-site abilities)
  • Warm-up and mobility
  • Core-stability training through games and exercises
  • Floor acrobatics using the Air track and tumbling track (cartwheel, back/front/side flip
  • Elastic trampolines: on-axis rotations and preparation to out-of-axis rotations (cork) 
  • Elastic trampolines: customized flip exercises according to levels and capabilities 
  • Elastic trampolines: customized single and double flips exercises according to levels and capabilities
  • Elastic trampolines: S.K.A.T.E on-trampoline tournament (this game requires athletes to create maneuvers on the trampolines, by linking movements together)                                                                                                                                                                 

Registration fee

  • 75€ per workshop
  • Compulsory 5€ membership 


Available places: 16


  • Filippo Granata
  • Riccardo Grilli


You must fill and sign your registration form as well as hand in the overall workshop cost. As to non – members, membership forms and medical certificates must be handed in, too.

You can fill your registration form every day (10 am – 11 pm) at the Zero – Gravity sports center in Via Valvassori Peroni 48, or you can write an e-mail to info[email protected] and pay by bank transfer at the following current account:

Account holder: Zero-Gravity S.S.D.
Current account: IT98Z0306909606100000018904
Reason: Name Surname type/ Workshop’s day

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