The center

Zero-Gravity is the biggest, most innovative sports center in Italy dedicated to acrobatic disciplines, freestyle sports and parkour.

The 4000 square meters facility is a sports complex made up of multiple big areas dedicated to those who want to learn more about the over – mentioned disciplines: on one hand, the “Academy” gym is specifically designed for kids, youngsters and amateurs. It is equipped with structures specifically arranged to help improve abilities in terms of movement and coordination4. On the other hand, the “Master” gym is designed for courses and high – level training. Furthermore, within the facility you can find: a calisthenics area, a pole dance area, two multi – functional areas, locker rooms, a bar, a guests area as well as a wide 6000 square meters park, equipped with three beach volley pitches for summer activities.

Academy gym

This gym, dedicated to kids and youngsters, helps you take the very first steps towards acrobatics and freestyle through recreational equipment approachable by any kind of user. Therefore, it succeeds in bonding together both recreation and training.

The gym is structured as follows:

  • A trampoline arena
  • 2 Trampolini elastici affacciati in buca di gommapiuma
  • Pedana affacciata in buca di gommapiuma
  • Percorsi Ninja Warrior
  • BasketBall
  • Giochi interattivi
  • 3D Dodgeball

Master gym

This gym is dedicated to athletes and high – level competitors willing to train acrobatics, freestyle and parkour.

This gym is structured as follows:

  • Three Olympic elastic trampolines facing foam pit
  • Tumbling track and Air Track
  • Two super tramps
  • Six elastic trampolines designed for wall flips
  • Parkour and free running obstacles
  • A diving trampoline and a platform
  • Aerials area (fabric, ring, rope)
  • Regulatory artistic gymnastics exercise floor

Calisthenics area

L’area Calisthenics è dedicata ai corsisti e agli atleti che vogliono effettuare allenamenti funzionali.

Nell’area Calisthenics sono presenti le seguenti attrezzature:

  • Sbarre a diverse altezze
  • Parallele
  • Anelli
  • Attrezzi per l’allenamento funzionale
  • Spalliera
  • Tatami per esercizi a corpo libero

Area Pole Dance

L’area Pole Dance è dedicata ai corsisti e agli atleti che vogliono effettuare allenamenti assistiti.

Le strutture presenti sono:

  • 8 pali quick spin diam. 45 mm

area tessuti aerei

L’area Tessuti Aerei è dedicata ai corsisti e agli atleti che vogliono effettuare allenamenti assistiti.

Le strutture presenti sono:

  • 8 tessuti aerei
  • cerchio
  • corda

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