This workshop gravitates around a 2-hour training based on analyzing technical and essential calisthenics skills (the pillars of calisthenics, fundamentally).
It addresses to beginners and newcomers but also to those who although have been practicing it, they have not fully mastered the movements.

Workshop: PLANCHE


  • Sunday, February 3rd 2019
  • 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


  • 10-minute total body warm up
  • 15-minute core stability strength build up
  • 10-minute articular warm up
  • 15-minute core stability strength build up
  • 15-minute planche-preparatory static positions
  • 30-minute preparatory strength build up with loop bands and overloads on parallels, bars and rings
  • 10-minute ring trials with pulley
  • 15-minute strength build up circuit trials for load phases
  • 15-minute shoulder and core, both dynamic and static stretching


  • Marco Martella

Workshop: Handstand


  • Saturday, February 9th 2019
  • 2 pm – 4 pm


  • 10-minute warm up
  • 20-minute floor training
  • 20-minte lineups with wall step
  • 20-minute patters to get to the vertical axis
  • 5-minute example of a lineups circuit
  • 5-minute example of handstands circuit
  • 10-minute couple trials to straighten up handstands
  • 15- minute couple exercises to train balance in free handstands
  • 15-minute introduction to switches and walks


  • Andrea Vergani

Registration fee

  • 35€ per workshop
  • Compulsory 5 € membership 


Available places: 10


  • Andrea Valtorta
  • Andrea Vergani
  • Marco Martella


You must fill and sign your registration form as well as hand in the overall workshop cost. As to non – members, membership forms and medical certificates must be handed in, too.

You can fill your registration form every day (10 am – 11 pm) at the Zero – Gravity sports center in Via Valvassori Peroni 48, or you can write an e-mail to and pay by bank transfer at the following current account

Account holder: Zero-Gravity S.S.D.
Current account: IT98Z0306909606100000018904
Reason: Name Surname type/ Workshop’s day

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